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We Use High Quality Products including:

Toro® - Rain Bird® - Hunter® - Irritrol® - Hydro-Rain® - Blu Lock®- Illumicare - Kichler® - BlissLights® - Sparkle Magic® - Unique® - PickSeed® - Colorfalls®

Images, Videos & Text courtesy of BlissLights™

The BlissLight utilizes a state of the art Diode Pumped, Solid State (DPSS) laser combined with custom developed multiphase diffractive holographic optics, super luminous diodes and precision motors to produce our patent pending projection technology.

The coherent light produced by the DPSS laser passes through a passive diffractive holographic optical element, which in turn passes through a circular periodicity electromechanical wheel, which is driven by a precision motor to create the soothing motion of the star field.

A DPSS laser by definition is a device that converts some form of energy (electrical, optical, chemical, etc.) into a narrow beam of light which is monochromatic (single pure color) and coherent (all waves in step with one another). This allows for the BlissLight to have an infinite focal range; no matter what you project the BlissLight on, the star field will stay in focus.

A diffractive holographic optical element is a new class of optics that operates on the principle of diffraction. Traditional optical elements use their shape to bend light. Diffractive holographic optical elements work by breaking up incoming waves of light into a large number of waves, which recombine to form completely new waves. This patent pending technology allows the BlissLight to efficiently create a 3 dimensional star field through a single coherent light source.

The nebula cloud is produced from a separate narrow wavelength distribution Super Luminous Diode (SLD) which is intrinsically matched to an electromechanical engine and passive optical interference filter assembly. Optical collection and image objectification are accomplished with the use of a positive and negative focal length lensing arrangement which is designed to optically image an interference region within a two domain interspatial area.

These assemblies combined to create what we know as the BlissLight. Many of the technologies used by BlissLights™ are cutting edge and have never been seen. We are developing new pro ducts that utilize proprietary techniques that will amaze you. Stay tune for our new products.

We Ship All Over Canada

B Purple

The BlissLight Spright is ideal for your outdoor decorations whether you are decorating for the holiday season or a summer time party. The Spright is easy to use - just plug it in and point it - and watch it project a static starfield of pin-points of light onto your trees, house and yard.

The BlissLight Spright projects a huge field of fireflies into the trees and surrounding landscape, perfect for an evening pool party, or simply to enhance the beauty of your landscape. It is simply to use. Plug it into any standard outlet and amaze yourself and your friends as your yard comes to life. A single BlissLight Spright covers a huge 25' X 25' area. The firefly is one of nature's truly remarkable bioluminescent creatures.Their intoxicating glow coupled with their hypnotic dance against lush green vegetation is a serene experience.

The advance design of the BlissLight Spright allows it to work with existing low voltage lighting systems and automatically compensates for voltage drop (a problem that has plagued contractors for years). Our design has created a light that is more efficient that LED technology and has a 7,000 hour lamp life which means the lamp will last an average of 4.75 years if used for 4 hours every night.

• 25' x 25' coverage area - replaces 4 standard landscape lights or hundreds of feet of rope lighting
• Uses an average of just 3 watts in temps above 55 F and 8 watts in temps below 55 F.
• Automatically compensates for voltage drop in low voltage lighting systems
• Nighttime Operating temperature of -15F to 90 F
• Microprocessor controlled for intelligent operation


Member of Landscape Ontario, Member of CNLA - Team TORO Professional Contractor - Certified TORO Intelli-Sense™ Technician

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